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  • 2240 Universal Modem
    For Sync, Async, G.703 compatible T1, E1 applications (up to 2.048Mbps), the 2240 offers over 15 interfaces, selectable clock rates and pass-through controls.

  • 2245 DS3 Modem
    The Model 2245 is a multi-featured fiber optic modem that transmits standard DSX-3 (44.736 Mbps) signals over singlemode or multimode fiber optic cable. The 2245 transports any B3ZS coded data stream with either framed or unframed formats. It provides complete diagnostic and fault isolation features when transporting M13 or C-bit
    parity framed DSX-3 signals.

  • 2346 DS3 Modem
    This product is the solution that problem of the Telco Demark in the wrong place or even the wrong building.
    When you need to tie building communications together at the T3 - DS3 level the 2346 DS3 Fiber Optic modems will let you extend out to 100KM.

  • 2262 T1/E1 Modem
    Provides a transparent fiber optic link extension for E1 or T1 signals, supporting AMI, B8ZS and HDB3. Offers alarm and remote loopback indicators.

  • 2270 High Speed Modem
    Featuring data through-put speeds up to 20 Mbps with selected interfaces, the Model 2270 is ideal for modern cryptographic environments and other applications requiring extremely high speeds.

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