The Motorola UDS DDSMR64 combines the functions of a DSU and CSU into a single unit. It operates in either point-to-point or multipoint applications, transmitting synchronous data at rates from 2400 bps to 64,000 bps clear channel, and asynchronous data from 2400 bps to 57,600 bps. The UDS DDSMR64 complies with Bell publications 62310 and 41450 and is directly compatible with Bell 500 series DSU and CSU equipment.

UDS Motorola Telenetics TEL-6456524700010 DDSMR64 Nest Card
UDS Motorola Telenetics TEL-6456524700020 DDSMR64 Standalone

Motorola / UDS

Features and Benefits

High speed asynchronous capability operating a 38,400 and 57,600 bps on 56K lines allows direct connection of high speed asynchronous DTEs to DDS lines.

Switchable EIA-232 and CCITT V.35 interface allows a single model to provide both interfaces.

Provides highly reliable digital performance on both conventional DDS networks or as a limited distance modem, so that one model can be used for either interstate or interoffice communications.

Operates at all DDS line rates from 2400 bps to 64,000 bps including 19,200 bps to accommodate a wide range of DTE devices.

Automatic line equalization compensates for distortion and attenuation caused by line length without user adjustment.

Convenient front panel LCD control allows viewing current configuration and status without causing an interruption of dam.

Saves operating configuration to nonvolatile memory, eliminating having to setup every time the unit is turned on.

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UDS DDSMR64 SA  part #
TEL-6456524700020 S/A
TEL-6456524700010 card

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