UDS V.3229 modem

UDS V3229 modem is a high-speed data modem fully compatible with the V.32bis specification.
 The UDS V3229 modem transmits both synchronous and asynchronous data
full duplex over both dial-up and 2  or 4 wire leased lines.

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UDS V3229 modem 115/230V stand alone


UDS V3229 modem stand alone


UDS RM16M V.3229 modem card


UDS V3229 modem DC powered


V.3229 Stand alone to nest card conversion kit


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Features of the UDS V3229 modem

bullet Fully compatible with V.32 bis and V.42 bis standards
bulletMaximum data throughput of 57600 bps using V.42 bis data compression or 28800 bps using MNP level 5 data compression
bulletAutomatically adjusts data rate to 14400,12000,9600,7200,4800 2400, 1200, or 300 bps (CCITT V.32 bis, V.32, V.22 bis or Bell 103)
bulletFull-duplex, asynchronous or synchronous operation over dialup lines and 2- or 4-wire leased lines
bulletTrellis coding for high noise tolerance at 14400, 12000, 9600, and 7200 bps
bulletAuto-dial and auto-answer Hayes AT command set and CCITT V25 bis compatible
bulletEasy-to-use LCD and pushbutton controls
bulletFail-forward to return to a higher data rate When line conditions improve after autofallback
bulletAutoconfigure at the touch of a button with nine factory option sets Automatic dial Iine backup for leased lines
bulletAutocallback and password security prevent unauthorized access
bulletRemote configuration allows viewing or modifying the option set of a remote mode

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UDS V3229 modem front view


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UDS V3229 modem back view


The UDS Motorola V.3229 is a high-speed data modern ideally suited for applications that require accurate, reliable operation with a high data throughput. Fully compatible with V32 bis for reliable 14400 bps operation, the application of V42 data data compression can increase data throughput to a maximum rate of 57600 bps while MNP level 5 can increase throughput to 28800 bps. For accurate data transmission over even the worst telephone lines, the UDS V3229 modem incorporates V.42 LAPM and MNP Net 2 through 4 error control as well as echo canceling, automatic adaptive line equalizing, and trellis coding techniques.

The UDS Motorola V3229 husks full-duplex, asynchronous or synchronous data at 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200, 4800, 2400, or 1200 bps, asynchronous-only data at 300 bps over dialup lines and full-duplex, asynchronous or synchronous data at 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200, and 4800 bps on leased lines. With automatic adjustment of data rate and modulation scheme to the remote modem, the V3229 is compatible with most V32 bis, V32, V22 bis and Bell 103 modems.

The UDS Motorola V.3229 autodialer is compatible with the industry standard Hayes AT command set for asynchronous applications and with CCITT V.25 bis for synchronous applications.

Dial back-up from leased to dial-up line allows the modem to operate without interruption if the leased line fails. The line is monitored at timed intervals and leased line operation is resumed automatically when possible.

In a network of UDS modems supporting remote configuration, the feature eliminates the need for trained operators at remote sites. With just a phone call and a password, the user can view the current option settings of a remote modem and modify the configuration as required.

For easy option selection and status monitoring, the UDS V3229 modem features 32-character liquid crystal display with three control pushbuttons and six LED indicators.

The UDS Motorola V3229 modem is available both as a standalone unit and as a card that plugs into the Universal Data Shelf

Specifications for the V3229 modem

bulletData Rates: CCITT V.32 bis 14400, 12000, 9600, and 7200 bps trellis coded; CCITT V.32 9600 and 4800 bps uncoded; CCITT V.22 bis 2400 and 1200 bps; Bell 103 300 bps
bulletOperation: 2-wire full-duplex dial-up or leased line; 4-wire full- duplex leased line
bulletModulation: 14400, 12000, 9600, 7200, 4800, 2400 QAIVI with suppressed carrier (CCITT V.32 bis, V.22 bis) 1200 PSK; 300 FSK
bulletCarrier Frequency: 1800 Hz (CCITT V.32 bis); 1200 Hz originate, 2400 Hz answer (CCITT V.22 bis)
bulletTransmitter Output Levels: -9 dBm permissive, or programming resister for dial-up operation; 0 to -15 dBm in 1 dB increments for leased line operation
bulletCarrier Detect Level: Dynamic
bulletRTS/CTS Delay: From 0 to 90 ms (2 ms) in 10 ms increments
bulletLine Equalization: Automatic adaptive
bulletTiming: Internal, external, or receive
bulletTest: V.54 remote loopback control; V.52 511 PN pattern
bulletDigital Interface: EIA-232D, CCITT V.24
bulletEnvironmental: Operating: 00 to 50, C; storage: -400 to 701 C
bulletSize: Width: 70 inches; Height: 2.5 inches; Depth: 9.6 inches
bulletPower Requirements: 115 VAC 10%, 50/60 Hz; 230 VAC 1 0%, 50/60 Hz; maximum 14 watts


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