Telenetics DSP9612FP Modem

Telenetics DSP9612FP Modem
Telenetics DSP9612LV Modem
Telenetics DSP9612RM Modem

The 9600bps multi-drop / multi-point lease line modem

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Telenetics new DSP9600/DSP9612 9600 bps, Fast Poll Modem is the ideal for use in
industrial and harsh environmental applications. 


Fast train modem equalizer with 23 msec RTS/CTS delay


DSP design with automatic adaptive equalizer


Built-in wide range of input switching power supply for worldwide applications


Leased-line interface protected with heavy-duty surge protection


9600/4800 bps Fast Poll multi-drop - multipoint and Bell 202T Mode:
0 – 1800 bps asynchronous

Ideal for SCADA, traffic and the oil industries, the Telenetics FIashPoll DSP9600 is a cost-effective, full-featured fast poll, leased line modem with the fastest training time in the industry: 23msec RTS/CTS delay. The 23msec RTS/CTS training time allows multipoint fast polling of dedicated line Remote Terminal Units (RTU) to upgrade their speeds from the Bell 202T modems at 0-1800 bps to 9600 bps in point-to-point or multipoint applications. Eight times faster than the industry standard Bell 202T modem, the FIashPoll DSP9600 is an excellent and affordable alternative.

Dual Mode: 9600/4800 bps Fast Poll and FSK, Bell 202T 0-1800 bps

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The model DSP9600FP is based on a Digital Signal Processor and offers polling over voice grade telephone lines at 9600 bps with a fallback speed of 4800 bps for lines of lesser quality. Robert Way, Director of Sales and Marketing for Telenetics Network Products Group said, “This modem is eight times faster that the industry standard 1200 bps Bell202T. In fact, it is so fast we refer to it as our FLASH POLL model. This modem is an affordable alternative to the 1200 bps modems that our industry holds as the standard.”

The Telenetics DSP9600 Flash Poll (DSP9600FP) modem is a 9600/4800 bps stand-alone modem designed for 4-wire full-duplex or 2-wire half-duplex operation over voice-band leased line. The DSP9600FP modem utilizes the latest digital-signal processing (DSP) technology to achieve high performance. The DSP9600FP modem also employs Telenetics' proprietary modulation and encoding scheme to achieve fast modem training time. These advantages make the DSP9600FP modem the most technologically advanced product on the market. It is especially suited for multi-point communication systems that require fast response time, short training time and low throughput delay.

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Fast train modem equalizer with 23 ms RTS-CTS delay 


DSP design with automatic adaptive equalizer.


Built-in wide range input switching power supply for world-wide applications 


Leased-line interface protected with heavy-duty surge-protection 

bulletEasily accessible DIP switches for user configuration 
bulletDB-25 connector for RS-232/V.24 interface 
bulletDiagnostic functions include LED monitoring, local analog, local digital, and remote digital loop-back 
bulletRear panel DTE interface, power supply, and 4-position terminal block interfaces leased-line.


General Specifications

Data rate:

9600 or 4800 bps asynchronous, +1 % - 2.5%

Bell 202T Mode:

0 – 1800 bps asynchronous,

Data format:

8 or 9 data bits with 1 or more stop bits

Line requirement:

TELCO Voice band 4 or 2 wire leased line

Private metallic circuits:

26 to 19 AWG

Operating modes:

2-wire half-duplex or 4-wire full-duplex




Automatic, adaptive 

Training time:

RTS to CTS delay, 23 ms

Cable equalizer:

Fixed transmitter and receiver cable equalizer, selectable (each cable equalizer is half of a 25 K ft 24 AWG cable)

Power supply:
Wide range switching power supply

85 to 265VAC,  50/60 Hz or 85 to 400VDC or
Low Voltage Range 10 to  53 volts DC power -
current draw - VDC at 240ma, 24VDC at 120ma, 48VDC 60ma
see part numbers

Surge protection:

Provided at power line and leased line Up to 15KV  (Standalone version)

Carrier loss recovery:

Built-in Train on Data (typically less than 30 sec)

Receiver Dynamic Range:

+3 to-30 dbm or-10 to -43 dbm (DIP switch selectable)

Operating Temperature:

-40C to +85C


Flash Poll TM
DSP 9600-DSP9612 Modem

part numbers


DSP9612FP jump to (manual)

85 to 265VAC,  50/60 Hz or 85 to 400VDC

DSP9612LV jump to (manual)

Low Voltage Range 10 to  53 volts DC

DSP9612RM jump to (manual)

card modem fits the RM16M chassis
(chassis can be 115VAC or 48VDC)



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Mechanical Specifications


Enclosure: Aluminum with removable front and rear panel


Dimensions: 5.70" wide x 8.30" long x 1.50" high


Weight: 1.9LB


Interface connectors
Leased line: 4-position screw terminal.
Data Terminal Equipment (DTE): DB-25 female connector


 Configuration  switches are on the bottom for easy use

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Flash Poll TM DSP 9612 Modem


jump to DSP9600FP modem

85 to 265VAC,  50/60 Hz or 85 to 400VDC

jump to DSP9612LV modem

Low Voltage Range 10 to  53 volts DC

jump to DSP9612RM modem

card modem for RM16M chassis


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3405 Olandwood Court
Olney, MD 20832