RAD V.35 to RS232 Converters


Mini Converter RS-232- V.35 (with 6' foot cable)

                            DB25 female/M34 male                  IC222A-M              

                            DB25 female/M34 female              IC222A-F                    

                            DB25 male/M34 male                     IC223A-M                 

                            DB25 male/M34 female                  IC223A-F                   


Mini Converter RS-232- V.35 (without cable)

                            DB25 female/M34 male                  IC955A-M                

                            DB25 female/M34 female              IC955A-F                        

                            DB25 male/M34 male                     IC956A-M                        

                            DB25 male/M34 female                  IC956A-F                        


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