part numbers for in production units

UDS Motorola Telenetics TEL-6456524700010 DDSMR64 Nest Card
UDS Motorola Telenetics TEL-6456524700020 DDSMR64 Standalone

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Motorola / UDS DDS/MR64


Data Rates (DDS network)
2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 56000 or 64000 bps synchronous (up to clear channel 64); 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, or 57600 bps asynchronous

Data Rates (4-wire, private networks)
2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 56000, or 64000 bps synchronous; 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, or 57600 bps asynchronous

Operating Mode
DDS full-duplex, multipoint; DDS full-duplex point-to-point; 4-wire full-duplex; 4-wire half-duplex or simplex Data Format Serial binary, synchronous, asynchronous

Data Encoding
Bipolar, return-to-zero, per Bell System Publication 62310

DDS; external; internal

Transmission Facility
Unloaded metallic circuits, 19 to 26 gauge

UDS DDS-MR64 op range.GIF (13693 bytes)

System Impedance
Line receiver input impedance: 135 ohms 10% Transmit pair output impedance: 135 ohms 10%

Output Signal
0.7854 0.05 volts across 135 ohms at 9.6 kbps 1.4 0.1 volts across 135 ohms at all other rates

bulletData Rate     Typical Delay
bullet(kbps)                  (ms)
bullet64                          0.6
bullet56                          0.6
bullet19.2                      1.2
bullet9.6                        2.2
bullet4.8                        4.2
bullet2.4                        8.2

Digital Interface

Power Requirements

110 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz

Power Consumption
5 watts nominal

0' - 50' C; 95% humidity, noncondensing

part numbers for in production units

New #   Telenetics DDSMR64 TEL6456524700010 DDSMR64 Nest Card CSU/DSU
Old #    UDS Motorola DDSMR64 6456524700010 DDSMR64 Nest Card CSU/DSU

New #   Telenetics DDSMR64 TEL6456524700020 DDSMR64 Standalone CSU/DSU
Old #    UDS Motorola DDSMR64 6456524700020 DDSMR64 Standalone CSU/DSU


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Test Features

The DDS/MR64 has a number of diagnostic tests available for troubleshooting problems.
bulletRemote loopback with test pattern
bulletLocal loopback with test pattern
bulletEnd to end test pattern
bulletRemote terminal loopback
bulletLocal loopback
bulletRemote loopback

The DDS/MR64 also responds to telephone company generated DDS diagnostic tests. An internally generated 5 11 test pattern can be used in combination with other test features to perform self-test functions.

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Six LEDs provide status information:
bulletTM (Test Mode)
bulletOS (Out of Service)
bulletTD (Transmit Data)
bulletRD (Receive Data)
bulletCS (Clear to Send)
bulletNS (No Signal

INFO page

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Fax 301-924-7403

3405 Olandwood Court
Olney, MD 20832