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FT100 FT100S FT100EX T1 and fractional FT1 DSU CSU
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Allow up to 24 DTE ports to be controlled by a single FT100.

Flexible rate option selections to fit any high speed synchronous data applications.

Gives remote access via modem or terminal.

Compatible with most DTE equipment.

Eliminates the need for a separate CSU. Saves cost of additional equipment.

Allows configuring the unit through the front panel. Allows viewing line status. User friendly set-up and operation.

Allows up to 16 FT100 FT100EX devices in a single shelf for high-density installations.

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The FT100 FT100S and FT100EX are members of the growing family of TI products from UDS Motorola. The FT 100 is a fully functional T1/fractional T1 DSU/CSU which delivers two high-speed interfaces from the terminal equipment to the network (FT100S for single port). Advanced FT100 features include an integral T1 ESF CSU, two DTE ports, a supervisory port, and remote configuration and diagnostics. For applications requiring high-density use of the FT 1 00, up to 1 6 devices can reside in a single Universal Data Shelf. The FT100EX expander card provides additional DTE port capability for the FT 100.

The FT100 is the interface from voice or data equipment a1.544 Mbps transmission facility and supports all fractional T1 channel configurations. The FT100S is the ideal choice for applications requiring dual DTE interfaces to high-speed applications such as LAN interconnection, video conferencing, high-speed workstations (CAD/CAM), PBX, and lost computer communications.

The FT100 comes equipped with a menu-driven LCD front panel for easy configuration by the user. There is also a supervisory port that allows access to the unit either locally by an ASCII terminal or remotely by modem. The supervisory port gives you complete control of the FT100S for tasks such as configuration, diagnostics, retrieval of statistical information on T 1 line performance, or taking control of a remote FT100.

The FT 100 and FT 100EX are fully LocalView compatible in a LocalView Network Management application. In the LocalView environment, up to 15 devices in a single shelf, 79 devices in a cluster of 5 shelves, and 1264 in an entire installation can be managed by a single VT 100 terminal..

The compact size of the FT 100 is unique in the market today. The standalone unit is in the RM-16M form factor, so that as your number of applications grows, the device can be installed in a 1 6-slot Universal Data Shelf with other UDS Motorola communications devices.

Expandability A single standalone unit provides two DTE ports. The number of DTE ports can be expanded in two ways cascading or by expander card (FT100EX). The FT100S performs drop-and-insert functions for each port, allowing multiple units to be cascaded to provide expansion. The FT100EX two-port expander card interfaces to the FT100 through a common backplane when both are installed in a UDS Data Shelf. Up to eleven FTIOOEX


Expandable to 24 ports One FT100 with up to eleven FT100EX devices cascaded


All standard data rates n x 56 kbps, n x 64 kbps, 1,544 Mbps (n = 1 to 24)


Supervisory Port


Uniform synthesized DTE transmit and receive clocks


Integral CSU


B8ZS line code option


Transcodes line formats


LCD front panel


Front panel LED display


Advanced diagnostics


Optional LocalView interface


Universal Data Shelf compatible

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FT-100 Family of T1/Fractional T1 DSU's

FT100M SNMP (dual V.35)


FT100M SNMP dual port v.35/DS1


FT-100S manual


FT-100 Dual V.35


FT100 (V.35/DS1)


RM16M FT100 (V.35/DS1)


RMFT100 (2-V.35)


RM16M FT-100EX Card


RM16MFT-100EX Card


FT100S V.35


RM16M FT100S


RM16-FT100EX (V.35/DS-1)


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