DataRemote Digital Cellular
CDMA2000 1xRTT modem

DataRemote CDS-9060 CDMA2000 1xRTT Data Modem, with GPS engine CDS-9060G, 512 Kb memory, dual DCE RS232 I/O ports, SMS, user configurable I/O control features for remote equipment, configurable internal data logging, 800 and 1900 MHz  Analog Modem Upgradeable (CDS-9060A or CDS-9060AG)

The CDS products are self-contained Digital Cellular modems and PCS Data System that is cost effective for remote telemetry/meter reading, data application, and voice. The CDS products establishes a new benchmark for accurate and efficient data communications at an affordable price.

Now with a push to dial/talk switch to activate a speaker phone cell call.

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DataRemote Digital Cellular CDMA200 1xRTT modems

bulletCDMA 2000 1X RTT
bulletAuthentication (CDMA)
bulletAuthentication analog AMPS cellular
bulletPreferred Roaming List
bulletIS-707A service SMS commands
bulletSMS via AT-Commands
bulletUpdate PRL while unit is in the field
bulletConfiguration menu remotely or locally programmable
bullet6 Inputs and outputs for cry-out alarms
bulletTri-mode call processing: AMPS 800MHz, CDMA l 800MHz,
and CDMA PCS 1900 MHz
bulletVoice Communications
bulletAnalog Modem MNP-10EC and TX-Cell error correction, V.22 to V.32Bis (CDS-9060A) Switches from CDMA mode to analog modem automatically

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PROGRAMMABLE MENU OPTIONS for programming simplicity, with the most "User Friendly" setup and configuration in the industry, and with no special software required.

DataRemote, Inc. introduces the new CDS-906X series of totally integrated wireless CDMA/PCS/analog RS-232 1XRTT compliant wireless data modems. Available options make this cellular modem the most versatile in the market today. Using standard AT and DRIP (DataRemote Interface Protocol) commands, you will have the ultimate in versatility and control of data transfer, whether it be for AMR, AVL, fleet management, external equipment control, security, law enforcement, traffic control signs, oil and gas flow monitoring, or any other application where wireless data communication is required.

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General Specifications
Power Requirements: 8-24VDC @ 2A (unregulated)
On-Board Backup: 3V 200MA (CR2032) Lithium Cell
Serial I/O: RS-232, Async, 2 DB-9 and 1 - 8 pos. terminal block Connectors
Control I/O: 16 Pos. IDC compatible header
Command Protocol: AT Command Set and DataRemote, Inc (DRI) Configuration Menu
LED Indicators: Power ON, Status, TXD, RXD, DCD, DTR
Modem: IS-707A compatible, IS-95A/B (MDR verified on IS-95A/B networks)
Vocorder: 8 Kbps CELP, 13 Kbps QCELP, 8 Kbps EVRC
Canada ID: 3572A11989
  800 MHz (AMPS) (CDMA) 1900 MHz (CDMA)
Interface Standards:


Operating Frequencies: TX:  824-849 MHz
RX:  869-894 MHz
TX:  1850-1910 MHz
RX:  1930-1990 MHz
RF Power: 600mW (EIRP Nom.) 400mW (EIRP Nom.)
Maximum TX Power:

CDMA:+23.0dBm Min.

+23dBm Min.
Receiver Sensitivity:

CDMA:>-104dBm @ 0.5% FER

>-104 dBm @ .05% FER
Frequency Stability: < 2.5 PPM < 2.5 PPM
Antenna Interface: 50 ohm, TNC 50 ohm, TNC
Size: 6.299"L X 4.0"W X 1.2" H
Weight: 16.0 Oz.
Temperature: Operating: -30 C to +60 C (-22 to 140)
Storage: -40 C to +70 C (-40 to 146)
Humidity: 0-95% (non-condensing) 95 F (35C)
bulletHeadset with volume control
bulletHands-free external speaker and microphone
bulletCustom scripts for ProComm+ for remote access

Remote equipment sensing and control

bulletAutomatic meter reading
bulletSecurity system monitoring via RS-232
bulletSlow-speed video applications
bulletHeavy equipment monitoring
bulletTraffic metering and programming highway displays
bulletConnects to RTU's, PLC's, Data loggers, etc. through a DTE RS-232/485 port
bulletFlood control monitoring
bulletRemote equipment sensing and control
bulletPre-programmed emergency calls to 911 or dispatcher

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Other Data Remote Cellular Modems

DataRemote manufactures CDMA digital cellular/ PCS and analog (AMPS) modems built for commercial and industrial environments. Cellular modem products deliver premium performance in North, Central and South America. Product warranty is one year, including materials and workmanship.



Product No.


CDS-9020 CDMA Data Modem, RS232 and SMS capability, 800 and 1900MHz, NO Analog capability
CDS-9022 CDMA/Analog Tri-mode Modem, RS232, SMS, analog data capability, including handsfree voice, 800 & 1900 MHz
CDS-9030 Low Cost CDMA/PCS RS-232 Wireless Data Modem with AMPS analog add-on feature
CDS-9050 CDMA Data Modem, with GPS engine, 512 Kb memory (upgradable to 1Mb), dual DCE RS232 I/O ports, SMS, user configrable I/O control features for remote equipment, configurable internal data logging, 800 and 1900 MHz
CDS-9052 CDMA/Analog Tri-mode Modem, with GPS engine, handsfree voice, analog data capability, 512 Kb memory (upgradable to 1Mb), dual DCE RS232 I/O ports, SMS, user configrable I/O control features for remote equipment, configurable internal data logging, 800 and 1900 MHz

Note: Power supplies, antennas and NEMA enclosures are not included with modems unless otherwise ordered. All DataRemote modems are supplied with a User Guide, test antenna, RS-232 interface cable and terminal software for initial setup and testing. Click here for approved alternative antennas.

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