Adtran NetVanta 2050 VPN

The 2050 is the ideal VPN/Firewall device for remote small, home offices. Using a single access line at the remote sites along with the NetVanta 2050, work at home users can protect data and take advantage of Voice over the Internet (VoIP) systems.

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Many corporate networks use dial up or frame relay lines for remote access, but the associated monthly costs can be significant. As an alternative, the ADTRAN™ NetVanta 2000 series can be deployed at the host site and all remote sites. This solution can result in a substantial monthly cost savings while providing both voice and data connectivity.

The 2050 can be installed at remote sites to complement the central site VoIP system and enable PBX/KTS features to be extended out to work at home users. Resulting in a lower cost, integrated IP telephony solution.

Independent of the Internet service being provided, the NetVanta 2000 Series can connect a single workstation or an entire LAN onto the corporate network. A router can be used in conjunction with the NetVanta 2000 Series, or use the internal router for routing IP traffic. The NetVanta 2000 Series can also hide the IP address of workstations from the public Internet by performing Network Address Translation (NAT). In addition, this series provides a comprehensive stateful inspection firewall solution that protects an organization’s internal network from intruders, denial of service attackers, backdoor entries onto corporate networks, and other assaults.

The NetVanta VPN family encrypts the data being sent out onto the network using either the DES (Data Encryption Standard) or 3DES encryption algorithm. In addition, Internet Key Exchange (IKE) can be used for user authentication supporting public/private keys or digital certificates, assuring that the proper VPN tunnel is established and that the tunnel has not been redirected or compromised.

With the 2000 Series, companies can reduce the recurring wide area network cost, improve data security, increase network performance and availability, and simplify overall network operations.

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            Adtran 2050

bulletIPSec VPN tunneling with DES/3DES encryption
bulletStateful inspection firewall security
bulletInternet Key Exchange (IKE) for key management
bulletInternal router
bulletNetwork Address Translation
bulletBuilt-in alert and logging mechanisms for messaging and mail services
bulletWeb-based management
bullet10/100BaseT Ethernet interface for flexible connectivity
bulletLimited to 15 concurrent users using the Firewall
bulletUp to 5 private encryption tunnels
bulletSupports over 2 Mbps of 3DES encryption
bulletFive year North American Warranty

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NetVanta 2400 1200367L1
l Large corporate host gateway
l Stateful inspection firewall
l Up to 1,000 VPN tunnels
l DMZ port for public server access
l Hardware encryption accelerator
NetVanta 2300 1200366L1
l Mid-size office VPN gateway
l Stateful inspection firewall
l Up to 100 VPN tunnels
l DMZ port for public server access
l Hardware encryption accelerator
NetVanta 2100 1200361L2
l Small office VPN gateway
l Stateful inspection firewall
l Up to 10 VPN tunnels
l Unlimited users
NetVanta 2050 1200362L1
l Home office VPNgateway
l Stateful inspection firewall
l Supporting 15 users and up to
  5 VPNtunnels
NetVanta VPN Client 1200360L1
l Remote access VPNsoftware client
l Full-featured firewall
l Single user license
l IPSec interoperability

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Name Part Number Description
NetVanta 2050 1202362L2 Perfect for work-at-home telecommuters requiring secure VPN corporate connections.
 1200360L1#10 VPN Client (10 Users)


1200360L1#100 VPN Client (100 Users) Software
1200360L1#50 VPN Client (50 Users) Software
1200360L1#5 VPN Client Software (5 Users) Designed specifically for the mobile work force, the NetVanta VPN Client is a software implemented VPN solution.

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