Adtran ATLAS 550 Multi T1 mux

In point-to-point applications, an ATLAS IAD converges voice, data, and video onto a common circuit, reducing line costs and simplifying overall network operation and management.

Here, an ATLAS 890 supports up to T3 bandwidth between headquarters and the network cloud. Serving as a circuit switch, ATLAS 890 dynamically allocates shared bandwidth between applications depending on load, significantly reducing the number of digital trunks required to support communications from multiple remotes.

Voice is groomed and transported to the PBX. Data may be transported directly to the LAN (integral 10/100BaseT port and internal IP routing software) or to an external router or other serial device (V.35, EIA-232, EIA-530, RS-449, X.21, and V.36). The ATLAS 550 offers similar functionality for up to four T1s of capacity.

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Adtran ATLAS 550

ATLAS 550 1200305L2
ATLAS 550 E1 Base Unit, AC 1200306L2
ATLAS 550 T1 Base Unit, DC 1200550L2

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bulletFunctions as a multi-T1 IAD, 1/0 DACS, NxT1 Inverse Multiplexer, ISDN switch, IP router, and Frame Relay concentrator/switch
bulletSwitchboard supports circuit switching applications such as intelligent call routing, overbooking and least-cost routing based on phone numbers in the dial plan
bulletIncludes IP routing software with support for PPP and Frame Relay Layer 2 protocols
bulletDHCP client/ server
bulletSix-slot modular platform
bulletTwo network interface slots (one T1/PRI module included with base unit) and four user slots
bulletSupports up to 18 T1/PRI ports
bulletSupports E1, PRA, and BRI S/T interfaces for global applications
bulletNet-3 and Net-5 Euro-ISDN protocols supported
bulletMaximum backplane bandwidth for TDM applications is nine T1s through the chassis
bulletHot swappable modules
bullet10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN interface for SNMP/Telnet management and routing
bulletAC or DC power
bulletDC version accepts +24 VDC and -48 VDC input

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ATLAS 550 products part numbers

 ATLAS 550  T1/PRI Network Interface Module - (1200307L1)
 Modem Management Module - (1200341L1)
 Octal FXS Module - (1200309L1)
 Quad FXS Module - (1200328L1)
 Octal FXO Module - (1200310L1)
 Quad FXO Module - (1200329L1)
 Octal E&M Module - (1200313L1)
 Dual Nx56/64 V.35 Module - (1200311L1)
 Dual T1/PRI Module - (1200314L1)
 Quad T1/PRI Module - (1200755L1)
 Quad BRI Module - (1200315L1)
 Quad BRI 'S/T' Module - (1200764L1)
 Resource Host Module - (1200324L1)
 Dual 449/V.36 USSI Module - (4200754L1)
 Dual EIA-530 USSI Module - (4200754L2)
 Dual X.21/V11 USSI Module - (4200754L3)
 Dual EIA-232 USSI Module - (4200754L4)
 Legacy Data Module - (1200342L1)
ATLAS Legacy Data Module V.35 Cable - (1200348L1)
 Ethernet Switch Module - (1200766L1)
 NxT1 HSSI Module - (1200346L1)
 NxT1 HSSI/V.35 Module - (1200346L2)
ATLAS NxT1 V.35 Adapter Cable - (1200763L1)
 4-Channel Voice Compression Module - (1200312L5)
 8-Channel Voice Compression Module - (1200312L1)
 16-Channel Voice Compression Module - (1200312L2)
 24-Channel Voice Compression Module - (1200312L3)
 32 Channel ADPCM Module - (1200752L1)
 Nx56/64 BONDING Module - (1200326L1)
 T1-to-PRI Converter - (4200305L1)
 Video Switch - (4200305L2)
 4 T1 HSSI/V.35 Inverse Multiplexer - (4200305L3)
 8 T1 HSSI/V.35 Inverse Multiplexer - (4200305L4)
 PRI Channel Bank - (4200305L7)

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